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Your local Terex® Minerals Processing Systems dealer aims to keep you moving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Only genuine Terex® parts guarantee the safety, proper functioning and reliability of your equipment. Terex® Minerals Processing Systems supplies quality original parts to protect your investment and our knowledgeable product specialists help ensure you receive exactly what you need to get your equipment back on the job quickly and cost effectively.


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Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.

As a construction machinery manufacturer since 1972, we at Lingong have received the ISO9001 certificate due to our superior quality and service. With nearly 40 years of experience in the production of engineering vehicles, we are able to offer a wide range of products, including backhoe loader, road roller, wheel loader, crawler excavator, and skid wheel loader. Our products are available in various specifications to suit your different requirements.


In addition to high quality products, we at Lingong strive to satisfy our customers by providing considerate service. To make it easier to purchase and use our products, we have established a worldwide dealership and service network (over 200 sales dealers, 150 service dealers) to provide sales, maintenance, and parts supply services for customers all over the globe. In addition, we offer a 2-year warranty on all of our construction machines. Thanks to our large production capacity, we can ship customers their orders within 30 days. High quality and exceptional service, coupled with our prompt delivery, have resulted in our construction equipment becoming popular with customers from many countries and regions, including Australia, Brazil, America, Russia, the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and more.


In addition to the sale of products, we also provide other quality services, including sales promotion service, such sales service as import and export agency service of vehicles, engines, motors and machinery as well as parts, components, accessories, tools and workshop equipment, and building construction and restoration, highway construction, leasing of building equipment, paving and related services.

Mutlu Batteries


Established in 1945, Mutlu Incorporated started its commercial activities with imports and exports, strengthening them with battery manufacturing in 1955. Over the years it has gained an advantage against its competitors in national and international markets thanks to its additional investments and production based on quality and has become the most popular brand.

It has moved its manufacturing site from Kartal to its modern facilities established on an area of 230 decares in Tuzla in 1996 in order to meet the increasing levels of demand and to increase the production capacity. Having a production capacity of 6 million batteries today, our facility has attained the world standards thanks to the technological investments over the years. In addition to batteries, Red Lead and Litharge materials derived from lead that are among the important raw materials of crystal, glass, paint and ceramic industries are also manufactured at our facilities.

Operating in association with Mutlu Holding, MUTLU BATTERY is the driving force that adds dynamism to the group in addition to being the first company of the group. The other affiliated companies of Mutlu Holding are Mutlu Plastic Incorporated and Refined Industry Limited which is a waste battery recovery plant is in operation in Kutahya-Gediz.


MUTLU BATTERY has become the biggest battery manufacturer of Turkey, the Middle East and Eastern Europe with the level of quality, capacity and trustworthy service that it has achieved. MUTLU BATTERY has become a source of pride for its country as it is the leading institution of its sector.
At the end of 2013, MUTLU BATTERY joined the Metair Group in order to consolidate its position in the world’s battery sector.



The Series 2 range has superior technology products suitable for high end

Product Features

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The Series 3 products are high performance batteries with extended life cycle and are perfect solution for vehicles with advanced energy needs.

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High quality flooded batteries are designed to meet micro-hybrid battery needs for all START STOP vehicles developed to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission.

All EFB batteries are products of long term practise and experience of Mutlu R&D and are entitled to make Mutlu Quality mark.

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High quality VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery) type batteries specially developed to meet demanding needs of all START STOP vehicles designed to reduce fuel consumption and emission.

All AGM batteries are products of long term practise and experience of Mutlu R&D and are entitled to take Mutlu Quality mark.

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MANITOU - Genuine spare parts and dealer expertise

Manitou is a proud distributor of genuine spare parts. By contacting your dealer and entrusting them with the upkeep and maintenance of your machine, you can be certain that only parts manufactured in perfect compliance with the original standards will be used.

Parts will be replaced by our specially trained technicians, backed up by Manitou technical assistance and online documentation. This means you preserve the powerful performance you’ve come to expect from your machine and extend its service life, even when used under the most extreme conditions.


Genuine Volvo maintenance parts

To keep your machine in peak condition, Volvo offers a wide range of maintenance parts including filters, lubricants, chemicals, batteries and Care Kits. Follow your machine’s maintenance program to ensure productivity and uptime for peace of mind and extended machine life.

Every part is vital!

The better the quality of your components, the more you get from your Volvo machine. Every part is vital for uptime and performance. So why take a risk?

Volvo Genuine Filters

Pure productivity

Volvo Genuine Filters clean fluids and air from dirt and impurities. They are specifically designed to increase productivity, profitability and safety of your Volvo construction equipment.

Working in demanding conditions
Volvo Genuine Filters have:

  • High cleaning efficiency that is matched to the engine, transmission and hydraulic system.
  • High dirt capacity which gives long change intervals, without impaired function.
  • Filter elements of the highest quality.
  • Stable corrosion-protected casing.

Make sure to replace your filters at recommended change intervals in order to reduce the risk of premature repair or replacement.

Volvo Care Kits

All-in-one Care Kits

Volvo Care Kits include all the necessary parts and tools for on-site repairs, maintenance and service to prevent unnecessary downtime.


Saving you time and money
A Care Kit is cheaper than buying each part individually and there is no need to waste time sourcing parts or waiting for service.


Volvo Care Kits consists of Genuine Volvo Parts for the high quality that you expect and always contain the latest updates.


Categories include:

  • Overhaul and repair kits: The fast, safe and complete solution for overhauls and repairs.
  • Maintenance Kits consist of Filter Kits: Here you find the filters recommended for change at each service interval.
  • Uptime Kits: Fix your machine quickly on-site.

Volvo Lubricants

Protect from wear

Volvo Lubricants are specifically developed to support the performance of your Volvo machine by:

  • Protecting against wear and prolong individual component life
  • Reducing fuel and oil consumption

Our range of engine oils, hydraulic oils, axle and transmission oils are specifically matched to the components of the machine. Our range of greases has been carefully developed to prevent unnecessary wear.

Lower the risk of expensive damage and downtime further
By using Volvo oil analysis* you get a comprehensive diagnosis of the machine’s condition.

*Not yet available in all markets 

Genuine Volvo Maintenance Parts - Lubricants Specialist

Dr. Donald McCarthy, Volvo Lubricants Specialist, explains based on his experience what are the benefits for customers using Genuine Volvo Lubricants and what is the risk if the customer doesn’t use it.

Volvo Genuine Batteries

The power to meet your needs

Genuine Volvo Batteries from Volvo Construction Equipment have enough power to meet and exceed your needs in order to cope with truly demanding situations and conditions.


Starting power 
The unique design of the battery cell separators helps to reduce voltage drop under load, producing over 25% more starting power than alternative starter batteries.


Recharges rapidly
The same special lead-calcium alloy allows the battery to reach optimum power in less time compared to alternative batteries.


On average, a Volvo Genuine battery will have 20% longer service life than other batteries.


Safe to handle
The housing of a Volvo Genuine Battery is extremely strong and 100 % leak resistant under normal usage conditions.


Environmental awareness
The production of a Volvo Genuine Battery is carried out with the utmost consideration to reduce impact on the environment.

Maxton Hancha


Our parts distribution center has 1 million dollars in inventory,over 5000 available parts are ready for immediate shipment to our dealers and customers across the United States, and leveraging the advanced warehouse management system to enable the dealer to order the parts on line and deliver the right parts to keep your forklifts up and running.

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