Competencies are identified behaviors, knowledge, skills, and abilities that directly and positively impact the success of employees and organizations with a high performance on jobs.


Competencies can be objectively measured, enhanced, and improved through coaching and learning opportunities.

Genserv uses competencies to:

  • To improve the Technical and Functional Expertise.
  • Results Focus.
  • Customer Service.
  • Interpersonal Communication (Communication skills).
  • Team Work.
  • Understand of the Business.
  • Personal Effectiveness.
  • Leadership.
  • To improve distinguish between high, average and low performance of the teams.
  • To ensure the strategies are successfully implemented.
  • Determine any performance gaps and identify development opportunities.

Why competencies

To help improve our individual performance, by modeling the behaviors that makes high performing employees successful in their jobs. In this way, we can use competencies to further our professional development. These competencies help lay out a road map to superior performance.


Ideally, competencies can help fix our attention on key business goals and values, such as improved customer service. Competencies can help us be more flexible in meeting various work requirements. Applying the competencies at work will help us to become more creative in meeting job demands and allow us to quickly adapt to changes at work.

Finally, competencies encourage teamwork by promoting cooperation and sharing.

Competency Development Process

Business Improvement focuses on the development of more creative and innovative strategies, ensuring that departments’ strategies are linked to the overall corporate strategic plan.

This includes understanding the voice of the customer, conducting benchmarking and identifying opportunities to engage employees throughout the strategic thinking process.

Training Programs