• About us

  • General Engineering Services LLC-GENSERV, is a unique organization providing solutions in the areas of Construction, Mechanical, Power and Warehousing. We aim in implementing the latest trends in technology with utmost customer satisfaction. GENSERV achieves its goals through a network of reputable and quality oriented principles situated in and around the world. Read More.

Our Products

General Engineering Services LLC. (Genserv) is a 100% local company. With the stiff competition entering the local market, there’s a need for a unique firm to handle distinct jobs demanded by several government departments and semi-government jobs demanded by several government departments General Engineering Services LLC. 

Spare Parts

The success of a product depends on the after sales service the dealer provides. That is why at GENSERV, we maintain a high percentage of spare parts availability (some agencies as high as 90%). This ensures the minimum down time and enables our customers to keep plant and machinery, operating and productive.

Our Services

Quality service and customer satisfaction is the main reason why GENSERV has grown to be what it is today, since we were established 25 years ago. Major overhauls for engines and transmissions are performed in dust free and air-conditioned workshops by qualified and factory trained engineers.