Our Service Commitment

Quality service and customer satisfaction is the main reason why GENSERV has grown to be what it is today, since we were established 25 years ago. Major overhauls for engines and transmissions are performed in dust free and air-conditioned workshops by qualified and factory trained engineers.

Our aim is to achieve a ‘Zero Break Down’ factor. And thus now GENSERV is one of the leading construction equipment suppliers in the Sultanate of Oman.
From day one every machine in the field has been providing peak productivity with virtual of the parts and service program.

To ensure your business runs smoothly, Volvo invests in the intelligent engineering of all our machines – but we don’t stop there. As your partner, we support what you do with the equipment – how you use it, maintain it, pay for it and even how you sell it. Our portfolio of products and services is designed to complement your machine’s performance and boost your profitability. Get started with Volvo Services and customize a Volvo Services Agreement – because your business is our business.


Uptime Services

Keep your machine and business up and running with Volvo Uptime Services

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Fuel Efficiency Services

Get a grip on fuel consumption with a range of Fuel Efficiency Services

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Productivity Services

Do more with Productivity Services from Volvo

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Safety Services

Safety is built into every design element of Volvo machines

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New Life Services

Give your hardworking Volvo the makeover it deserves

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