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Genserv will be the Sole distributor for Doosan generator

Genserv will be the Sole distributor for Doosan generator and lighting tower in Oman (Prime power generator Range from 20KVA up to 750KVA)

From left to right :

Mr. Olivier Rasmont director EMEA.

Mr. Gaby Rhayem – Doosa  regional director MEA.

Mr. Mustafa El Bawab – Genserv – General Manager.

Mr. Wisam Salamah – Genserv – Sales Manager.

Mr. Mousa Mousa – Doosan district sales manager MEA.

Mr. Amr El Etribi – Dooosan service manager MEA.

Doosan Portable Power From 20 KVA up to 750KVA and Lighting Tower:

Doosan Portable Power is a market leading company with production facilities in North America and Europe. Backed by a century of expertise in the construction industry, Doosan Portable Power is focused on continual growth and innovation to excel our people and products through the next century.

From our comprehensive range of lighting systems and generators, we have a solution to fit your needs. Running a successful business takes more than powerful equipment. That’s why Portable Power partners with an experienced global dealer network to stand beside you every step of the way. Doosan Portable Power – more than 100 years of providing excellence. Experience Doosan Portable Power and our industry-leading support and service. Whatever the job, we have the solution

Doosan is the oldest company in Korea. Its 119 years history is based on a people focused philosophy.

Doosan began in 1896 when the first modern store opened in Korea, ‘Park Seung-Jik Store’. Quickly, Doosan grew into a consumer goods company specializing in beer and other beverages. Up until the mid 1990’s, Doosan was very successful with these and its other consumer goods. When the market changed however, Doosan realized that it needed to situate itself to be a more balanced portfolio of products and goods. This sparked Doosan’s transformation in becoming a global company, overhauling its business to become an infrastructure support business. Today, Doosan continues to grow through the 2G strategy. Growing its people to grow the business. Doosan strives to be a “Proud Global Doosan”, meaning to become a company that everyone involved with us can be proud of.



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