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General Engineering Services Est-GENSERV, is a unique organization providing solutions in the areas of Construction, Mechanical, Power and Warehousing. We aim in implementing the latest trends in technology with utmost customer satisfaction. GENSERV achieves its goals through a network of reputable and quality oriented principles situated in and around the world.


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The Road is one of the great fundamental institutions of mankind; it is fundamental to social existence. It is the Road which determines the sites of many cities and the growth and nourishment of all. It is the Road which controls the development of strategies, channel of all trade, and all ideas. The Road moves and controls all history. 

Infrastructure Industry in Oman has always been robust with the Government focusing on equal development of all the regions. Asphalted Road Network in Sultanate of Oman which was at 20161 Kms in 2007 has increased to 25926 kms in 2009 which is almost 28.5% increase. There is another 30435 kms of graded roads that need to be paved in the coming years. Of these less than 10% are double carriage way and the rest are single carriage way.


  In order to cater to this growing need for road construction equipment, General Engineering Services Establishment (Genserv) has brought to Oman the world’s leading brand of Road Machinery from the most trusted name in Construction Machines – VOLVO. Volvo manufactures Road machinery from its various factories located in Europe, USA, North America and South America. Genserv is the sole distributor and dealer for Volvo construction equipment in Sultanate of Oman for over a decade.


To introduce the Volvo range of Road Machinery, to their valued customers; Genserv had organized a “Volvo Road Machinery Launch” function at Hotel Intercontinental on 30 Nov 2010. The event was attended by all the leading construction companies specializing in road and infrastructure projects. Most of them are already satisfied users of Volvo construction equipment and have realised that Volvo Construction Equipment is different - More care. Built in.  

  The invitees had an opportunity to walk around the machine and know about the various features, advantages and benefits of the Volvo Road machinery comprising of PAVERS, Double drum Tandem rollers, Single drum vibratory compactors, Pneumatic tyre rollers hour long interaction of the dignitaries with also with Mr. Rainer Schipke, Global marketing product Manager ABG Germany, Mr. Shahir El Essawy & Mr. Anders Eriksson of Volvo Middle east, the General Manager of Genserv Mr. Ahmed Rashid, in addition to the sales and service team of Genserv. The participants did not lose this opportunity and obtained all information about the new machine which was indeed impressive to them.


They were glad to know that the ABG 7820B belongs to the
most popular class of pavers which can lay upto 11 mtr wide
asphalt road and upto 300 mm thickness. Coming from
ABG factory in Germany, the machine has a proven successful
record of nearly 50 years worldwide. In addition, the Volvo ABG
pavers are unique since the complete machine including the
engine comes from the manufacturer VOLVO compared to other
makes and models available in the market in which the sub assemblies
including the engine is from different manufactures posing serious
problem in after sales servicing.



  Participants were given a 30 minute presentation on the equipment and were informed about the Volvo pavers, rollers and compactors. Followed by the presentations were the launch itself where there was a stunning light and sound display with commentary on each and every one of the product displayed.



The overall mood of the evening was extremely positive and the customers were happy to know that Volvo, which is a very trusted name in the Oman market decided to introduce their pavers and other road machinery in the market, offering customers the much needed and awaited choice. They were looking forward to owning one of the smart machines.  



  All the Volvo equipment are designed to do what they are expected to be – The best: Safeguard operators, the environment and customers investment, while advancing the health and the prosperity of the business.All the Volvo equipment are designed to do what they are expected to be – The best: Safeguard operators, the environment and customers investment, while advancing the health and the prosperity of the business.


In summary, everyone present in the show left fully convinced that they have a new work horse with them which will help them complete the road projects faster at reduced operational costs and thus enable them to contribute to the infrastructure growth of this great country.